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Marshallville Police Department


Marshallville Officers are now equipped with the X26 TASER®

The X26 Taser will allow law enforcement officers to protect themselves without causing injury or death to another human being. Most confrontations do not justify the use of lethal force, but you should not have to expose yourself to risk of injury from physical confrontation with a violent combatant. Effective non-lethal weapons do increase the safety of law enforcement officers, decrease suspect injuries, improve community relations, reduce litigation and police department medical and liability insurance costs, and have saved thousands of lives.

The ADVANCED TASER® product uses proprietary technology to incapacitate dangerous, combative, or high-risk subjects that may be impervious to other non-lethal means, regardless of pain tolerance, drug use, or body size - factors that cause other non-lethal options to have decreased effectiveness. The ADVANCED TASER also has a lower injury rate than other non-lethal weapons and has had no reported long-term, adverse after-effects. The ADVANCED TASER® uses an Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology that will stop a focused, goal oriented subject from up to 21 feet away.

Through May of 2003, over 2,500 police departments in the United States and abroad have purchased TASER products, and over 200 police departments - including Phoenix, San Diego, Sacramento, Albuquerque and Reno - have purchased TASER® products for every patrol officer.

We believe the X26 will transform law enforcement and become a vital tool for patrol level law enforcement offices around the world.

For more information on the TASER® go to:  www.taser.com

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